Welcome to the University of California, Riverside. Our campus cares about students-we are known for the personal touch conveyed to all of our undergraduate and graduate students alike. We are an outstanding university, with the finest faculty and facilities for teaching and research. UC Riverside is also a place where students can have fun, where relationships are easy to develop, and possibilities abound for having a good time.

Perusing this catalog will illuminate the vast array of disciplines, curricula, and majors and minors available at UCR. These represent the research and teaching interests of our distinguished faculty, working at the cutting edge of their discipline. We encourage all of our students, undergraduate and graduate, to become involved in discovery, in the creation of new knowledge. Opportunities are available for students at all levels to work with faculty in their laboratories or offices, to publish papers, and present results at professional meetings.

The commitment to involving our students in the learning process is evident in our undergraduate courses. Senior faculty teach our courses. I teach freshman physics each winter quarter (Physics 40A, Mechanics). When you take courses from these faculty members, choose one whose interests and personality suit you, and ask if you can do research with him or her. You will find yourself welcomed into a meaningful experience which will involve you at the forefront of discovery.

The result of our commitment to students is that UC Riverside's time-to-degree is one of the shortest in the UC system, the average being only slightly more than four years for entering freshmen and two years for transfer students. We offer the courses that students need to take to finish their degree objective.

Students at UC Riverside have many opportunities to become involved and make a difference. We are proud of the nationally acclaimed University/Eastside Community Collaborative, and of our Americorps Program (the only one in the University of California). Through both programs, UC Riverside students can mentor at-risk youth, giving them the positive direction they need to make improvements in their school work and lives. Our campus also has more than 190 service clubs, student organizations, and recreational groups. Each offers our diverse student body the chance to make new friends, to have fun, and to be active while serving the campus and community.

If you find yourself with questions or concerns, take advantage of our faculty, administration, and staff. We are here to work with you as colleagues, to make sure that your experience at UC Riverside is the most enjoyable of your life. If you want to contact me directly, I am always available through e-mail, in addition to my office hours and "Rappin' with the Chancellor" at the bell tower each quarter. My e-mail address is Use it!

At UC Riverside, we offer you the highest quality education, with a personal touch. That is my personal pledge, and the pledge of our faculty and staff as well. UC Riverside is a wonderful place and a beautiful campus. These pages will enable you to discover our presence at the forefront of teaching, research, public service, and collegiate life. We hope you will join us and take part in the great tradition of our campus.

Chancellor Raymond O. Orbach

Chancellor Raymond O. Orbach
Photo by Steve Walag